5 major damages Mumps can do to the body

Mumps is a disease that results in the swelling of the salivary glands. The disease is caused due to a virus called paramyxovirus and it can be contagious. If the infected person coughs or sneezes then you may also have mumps. A person who is suffering from mumps will have swollen jaw and puffy cheeks. In the past, a lot of people used to have mumps. But after the mumps vaccine was invented, the cases of mumps fell by 99%. Children who didn’t take the vaccination will be at high risk of having mumps. The good thing is that once you have mumps, you won’t have it again.

The major symptom of mumps is the swelling in both the parotid glands accompanied by pain. These glands lie below the ears. Your mouth will free dry and you will find it difficult to swallow or chew. You may have fever and experience fatigue. Sometimes, people may show no symptoms of mumps.


What damages Mumps can do

If mumps occurs in adults or teenagers, then complications can arise. That’s why early diagnosis is important so that proper treatment can be done. Here are the major damages that mumps can do to the body.


Affects testicles

One of the testicles may become swollen and inflamed. It can be painful. In some cases, both the testicles may be affected. Severe cases lead to infertility.


Causes meningitis

This is a very severe disease that affects the brain. You might feel drowsy or have a headache and stiff neck. You will have vomiting tendency.

Inflammation of different organs

Mumps may cause inflammation of the heart,  the pancreas, and other organs. So, you should get immediate treatment when you have mumps.


Hearing loss

Some people may have hearing loss. This might be a temporary condition and improve as a treatment for mumps starts. However, there are reports of permanent hearing loss as well.



If mumps occurs within 12 weeks of the pregnancy period then there is a high chance of miscarriage. But, it is a misconception that mumps may cause defects in your unborn child.

You should drink plenty of water when you have mumps. If you have a fever you can take paracetamol. You can hold a warm flannel on the parotid gland so that the pain becomes less and you feel better. You will get better within 10 days. Mumps is infectious. So, it is better to take leave from school or work when you have mumps. Please click the link https://www.merckvaccines.com/Products/Mmr/Pages/history

to learn more about mumps.

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