5 things you should know about Lung Cancer in men

One of the major causes of cancer deaths in men is lung cancer. However, the death rates are dropping in recent years. It is usually seen in elder men than the younger ones. If diagnosed early, then a man with lung cancer can live for several years. Lung cancer in men is quite different from that of women. Here are some of the things you should know about lung cancer in men.


Symptoms of lung cancer include coughing continuously, blood coming out while coughing, infections, etc. Some men experience weakness in the limbs and muscle cramps.


Most of the cases of lung cancer in men are due to their occupation. Cleaners, metal workers, painters, plumbers, bakers, construction workers and others are more susceptible to having lung cancer. Smoking is another major cause of lung cancer in men. It is seen that most men diagnosed with lung cancer were former smokers.


There are two types of lung cancer; small cell and non-small cell. The former one is most common in men. It grows in the central part of the lung and has a tendency of spreading up to the brain. The latter one can occur either at the center or outer region of the lung. But in men, it is usually at the center.


Chemotherapy and medications are the most common forms of treatments for lung cancer in men. You must consult a doctor and plan your treatment.


You should quit smoking in order to reduce the chance of having lung cancer. Try to avoid working in an environment that may cause lung cancer.

You will be surprised to know that most men having lung cancer don’t smoke. Some of them used to smoke. So, smoking must be avoided at all cost and you must avoid going to places where people smoke. Lung cancer is a life-threatening disease. Eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercise can help prevent this disease. It is important to raise awareness about this disease so that the rate of deaths due to lung cancer decreases. Research is still going on to find better treatment options for lung cancer. We are hopeful that there will be a time when we will be able to beat lung cancer. If you see any symptom of lung cancer, immediately go to a doctor for a diagnosis. Early detection of lung cancer can increase the rate of survival.

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