6 common causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a very uncomfortable subject to talk about. But you will be shocked to know that many people who are more than 40 years old have this condition. When someone has erectile dysfunction, he won’t be able to have an erection at all or even if he does it won’t be enough for having sex. It is disappointing and embarrassing to many, but there are treatments available for it. Here are the major causes of erectile dysfunction.



The high blood sugar can affect the nerves in the penis. The blood doesn’t flow to the properly for making an erection. There are medications that can help you. But many diabetes patients tend to have heart problems. These medications are not right for a heart patient. So, you should consult a doctor about your treatment.


Kidney disease

In order to have a good erection, the parts of your nervous system, hormones and blood must work together. But if you have kidney problem then all these will not be able to work well.


Certain medications

There are some medications that can affect erection. If you are on any medication, then you should look at the side effects. If an erection is a problem, you can ask your doctor to change the brand or dose of your medicine.


Neurological diseases

Diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc. can cause erectile dysfunction. This is because if you have any of these diseases, your brain won’t be able to communicate well with your reproductive system.


Smoking and alcoholism

If you take too much alcohol, your nerves will be permanently damaged leading to impotence. Smoking can also cause erectile dysfunction. According to a statistics, about 68% people who suffer from erectile dysfunction are either smokers or has a smoking history.


Level of testosterone

The male testes produce a hormone called testosterone. It mainly helps in sperm production. A person’s testosterone level is high during early adulthood. After the age of 40, it starts to decrease. So, if the testosterone level decreases, the sex drive will be less causing erectile dysfunction.

If you find out that you are having erectile dysfunction then you should immediately visit a doctor before your condition gets worse. You should not take any over-the-counter medicine as there are lots of factors involved with erectile dysfunction that only a doctor can understand. You should have hope and start your treatment as early as possible.

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