Dayton Pharmaceuticals offers a quick list of some of the best useful sites to help readers gain access to drug information. Use these resources at your own risk and always be sure to consult with your physician or pharmacist before making any healthcare changes to your prescription.

DailyMed – – As the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the Daily Med provides all the latest medical guidance and information. You will find advanced research on all drug classes submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

MedlinePlus – – MedlinePlus is the website specifically for the National Institute of Health. As the largest medical library in the world, you will find a ton of information about health conditions, diseases, and wellness in languages that you can understand. You can use Medline Plus to find out all the latest treatments, drugs, and supplements out on the market.

Prescriber’s Digital Reference – – Don’t know much about the drug you’re looking for? This website has over 2,000 drug guides written by name and type. Patients will benefit from the safety and information of the drugs and understand the need to include them in their regimen.

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists – – The ASHP has over 40,000 that consists of medical students, pharmacists, and techs looking to improve their education on medication and patient safety. The main goal of ASHP is to help others achieve optimal health by supporting awareness and raising education of practice in all pharmaceutical health care settings.

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